Winkwood - Square Face Shape

Square Faces: Horizontal width of face is the same at the forehead and across cheekbones, heavy jaw line. Looks best in oval, round or slightly angular frames.

Winkwood - Rectangle Face Shape

Rectangle Faces: Similar features as square faces, only with facial length greater than the width of the face. Looks best in wide, square frames.

Winkwood - Round Face Shape

Round Faces: Horizontal width and vertical width of face are equal with no angles. Looks best in rectangular or geometric frames.

Winkwood - Oval Face ShapeOval Faces: Well-proportioned and symmetrical face shape, jaw tapers evenly to the chin. Can wear almost any shaped frame.
Winkwood - Inverted Triangle Face ShapeInverted Triangle Faces: Widest horizontally at forehead then gets narrower at cheekbones and even more so at chin. Looks best in square, cat-eye and rimless frames.


*Please note that these are merely suggestions based on generalisations and customer feedback.