Recommended Care Tips:

Here are some suggested things to do to help your unique sunglasses last a little longer and save you the hassel of getting them fixed or exchanged.


Winkwood - Box

To prevent scratches and chips always remember to carry your sunglasses in the carry case provided when not wearing them. This will help to prevent easily avoidable damage that may occur when traveling with your sunglasses.
Winkwood - Hand Always remember to handle your fully wooden sunglasses with care, especially when placing and removing them from your face. Be extra careful when placing them on surfaces and try and avoid placing them on your head as this increases the likelyhood of scratches and the potential for unwanted damage especailly to the lenses.
Winkwood - Tamper Make sure to check your sunglasses regularly to make sure the screws are not loose. Should you find one that is, tighten it gently with a small screwdriver. Keeping a care kit handy will help to keep your sunnies in top condition. Remember not to use excessive force when trying to fix your sunglasses, if you need help with this please do not hesitate to contact us:
Winkwood - Clean Make sure to clean the lenses of your sunglasses regularly, it’s best to use a gentle lens solution. To avoid scratches, never wipe the lens when they're dry (there may be dust or particles) and don't use paper towels or other rough materials. Please use the cloth provided for best results.