Half Hearted

Brand: Winkwood

Product Code: 0016HH

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Designed for the constant mind-changer, this dual coloured frame is made for those that want the best of both worlds. Designed for the ladies and their distinctive fashion tastes, organically made with an emphasis on comfort and style. Carved from multi-coloured and layered wood with a white and pink finish and hybrid pink/orange UV-400 lens, this frame provides you with maximum protection when you decide on your next little adventure. Able to float on any body of water for the fabulous beach goer and comes with cleaning cloth and matching carved wooden storage box to suit your new frame.

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Looks best on:

Winkwood - Square Face ShapeWinkwood - Triangle Face ShapeWinkwood - Oval Face Shape
Square Faces: Horizontal width of face is the same at the forehead and across cheekbones, heavy jaw line.

Inverted Triangle Faces: Widest horizontally at forehead then gets narrower at cheekbones and even more so at chin.

Oval Faces: Well-proportioned and symmetrical face shape, jaw tapers evenly to the chin.

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