A Power to the Girls sweatshirt and my new Winkwood sunglasses for this easy going outfit. This is my typical look when I want to be comfortable yet trendy, together with a pair of boyfriend or mom jeans - better if patched like this one and flat shoes (slip-ons are perfect). Motivational and Girl Power sweatshirts and t-shirts are so trendy right now and I have jumped on the wagon since I think we should be proud of what we are and also, above all, support each other. My new Winkwood sunglasses come directly from Melbourne, Australia, and I got immediately hooked by them. They are truly unique, with their wood carved frame, mirrored lenses with UV-400 protection and a matching carved wooden storage box.

Winkwood - Fashion and Cookies

Winkwood - Fashion and Cookies

A relaxed outfit is truly perfect with the right accessories, and readers of my fashion blog know how important sunglasses are: I rarely go out without them!. Having my eyes protected from sunlight is essential and also sunglasses are part of my look. These Winkwood sunglasses bring the natural atmosphere of Australia and its magnificent landscapes and beaches in my everyday life. I was worried they'd be heavy because of the wooden frame, instead they are really lightweight and very beautifully done. My pair is called "Autumn Tale" and carry of Wayfarer kind of frame, but you can shop the entire collection clicking here, and see how many original, different shaped, colorful sunglasses Winkwood produces!. Power to the girls...and to sunglasses!


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