I’ve had a couple of pairs of Winkwood’s in the last year and I have to say I love wearing them. Beforehand I wasn’t big on accessories like watches and sunglasses however I saw the AL-13 range and I really liked the classic and simple style that they had. I originally had a pair of black Tomcat’s and recently I’ve bought a pair of Felix’s with a bluey shade to them.

I travelled around New Zealand and Fiji with my shades and throughout all of the moving around, hiking and other activities they stayed in shape, clean and minimal scratches due to having a stylish case and carry bag to keep them in when I wasn’t wearing them. During flights I could comfortably keep them in my luggage knowing they were safe.

The way I’d describe Winkwood’s identity and style is classic with a twist. They have styles for everyone, from those who are far more extroverted than me to people like me who want to stand out with just a little twist. The style I chose meant that I had the classic shaped glasses with the vibrant blue lenses which I loved.

Quality wise I feel safe with the metal they are crafted from. I’m not worried about snapping or breaking them when putting them off or taking them off. The metal in between the lenses doesn’t bother my nose either which was always a concern from previous cheaper glasses I’ve owned. I’ve worn these all day and they still feel comfortable 6 hours later!

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