I love a pair of cool shades!  And Winkwood in Australia makes the coolest!

It’s always fun to find a quirky new brand and introduce it to my readers!

Winkwood - Product Review Fashion Should Be Fun

(And hey, you can see me in the reflection taking the photo!)

If you’ve been a reader for awhile, you know I have a thing for wood watches, well …. what next? Wood sunglasses!  Introducing Winkwood, a Melbourne brand with a passion for playing with color, design, and creating very unique eyewear!

Winkwood - Product Review Fashion Should Be Fun

I’m wearing “Desert Rose” which is carved with durable redwood with a sandy white finish, and a UV-400 lens in a fun pink/orange shade. The glasses are surprisingly lightweight. They come with a on-the-go pouch and a matching carved wooden storage box!

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